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Spiced Date Babka

Fall, layers, all the cinnamon-y spices: I am ready! This babka is the perfect combination and will make for a great Sunday activity.

Chicken Bulgogi Wraps

Korean cuisine is supernew to me and I recon this dish is far from traditional. But it tasted absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it.

The Best Crispy Fish Tacos

A coincidental discovery, but I already crowned them the best crispy fish tacos.

Apricot Pan Granola

You can make pan granola all sorts of ways. This time I used apricot jam for flavouring and it is such an easy quick hack. For 2-3 portio...

Orzo Mozzarella Cucumber Tuna salad

The dinner we make when we don't really want to make dinner. I've made this recipe knifeless, because if you don't feel like cooking, you...

Chipotle Chicken Bowl

A few weeks ago I went away for a holiday and when I came back my boyfriend had been experimenting in the kitchen! He was superenthousias...

The Best Summer Sandwich

The summer of 2018. My boyfriend and I were travelling to Brussels by bus, so we made these sandwiches to take with us. When we arrived w...

Coconut Pan Granola

A summer variety of my pan granola. The coconut pairs really well with some greek yoghurt and sweet, juicy peach segments! For 5-6 portio...

Bananabread Brownie Bars

Honestly, everybody should be making these. They are the perfect banana & chocolate combination.

The Best Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

These are the best vegan cookies I know. I even made them as a cake option on a birthday once...

Sweet Buttermilk Soup (Koldskål)

Two summers ago I saw Koldskål in a story of someone on Instagram and I just had to make it. She sent me a recipe with an adjustment she...

Maple Cinnamon Pan Granola

Crunchy cinnamony oats with juicy raisins. covered in sweet maple syrup. Every time I open the jar in the morning it just instantly makes...

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