Cutting: Mango (three ways!)

Mangos can be tricky things to cut if you don't know how. But these are three ways to do it. Let me know which one works best for you. First some mango anatomy:

You see that the mango contains a big stone in the middle. For all the methods below we will be therefor referring back to the "cheeks". This means you will cut down on each side of the stone like shown above.

Now we've got that sorted, let's get cutting.

The top 'n tail method

This is the method I always used the most. I is clean, but if you are not great with cutting you can lose a lot of mango by peeling it in this way.

  1. Cut of the top and the bottom of the mango

  2. Put the mango top or bottom side down on the cutting board

  3. Use your knife to peel the mango. I have added a GIF below to show you how to do that.

  4. Cut off the cheeks of the mango

  5. Cut away the leftover bits and bobs

  6. Cut into any shape you'd like

The Hedgehog method

This is a method which you will see at a lot of websites. I don't really like it, because sometimes the peel is too sturdy to turn it inside out, but maybe you like it.

  1. Cut off the cheeks of the mango

  2. Put the peel side down of one of the cheeks and cut a square pattern. I have added a GIF to show you how to do that.

  3. Turn the cheek inside out by holding the sides and pushing in the middle on the peel side.

  4. Cut off the squares and enjoy.

Use as sharper knife for cleaner edges, but be careful as it is easier to cut through the skin and it might break when you turn it inside out.

The Glass method

This is a method which works well with very ripe mangos and it is my new favourite. It is so much fun to do and the first time I tried it I was really surprised on how easy it is!

  1. Cut off the cheeks of the mango

  2. Put one of the cheeks in the hollow of your dominant hand.

  3. Hold a glass with your other hand

  4. Put the edge of the glass between the flesh and the skin of the mango.

  5. Push down and kind of scoop the flesh out. I have added another GIF to show you.

  6. The mango should fall into the glass. Take it out and cut it however you like.

Drop a comment down below or send me a message on Instagram and let me know whether some of these methods were new and/ or what your favourite method is. I'm off eating tons of mango now, but it is one of my favourite fruits so I'm not complaining.

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