Cutting: Bell pepper

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

There is no bad way to cut a bell pepper, but you can prevent the seeds from going literally everywhere.


1. Place the bell pepper on it's side on your cutting board and cut off the top. The green stem often just pops out, but don't worry if it doesn't. You can cut around it later.

2. Now turn the pepper, cut side down and cut one cheek off.

3. Continue cutting of the "cheeks" of the pepper. You are basically cutting around the seeds!

4. You end up with a top and four cheeks you can cut into a shape you like. And the stem and middle with seeds can be easily discarded.

And in real life it will look something like this:

Smaller shapes

Of course you can cut the bell pepper in any size or shape you like. Here are five examples:

For all cutting techniques lay your pepper on the board with a flat side down, so it is stable.

1 . For the round top. Cut in half and then cut each half in small pieces

2. Cut length ways once and then cut the thick strips 2 times each.

3. Cut length ways 3 times.

4. Cut length ways 3 times and cut each strip about 4 times.

5. Cut the pepper into thin slices.

These illustrations correspond with the end results you can see on the photo below.

I often use cut 1, 2 and 4 for things like pasta sauce. Cut 3 is great for snacking, but I never use this cut as I really dislike raw bell pepper haha. And cut 5 looks great in salads for example.

What is a vegetable or fruit you'd like to learn how to cut?

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