Organic Skylines is a web based game in an isometric style. The  player is put in four different scenarios. In each scenario the player can pick the action he'd like to take. He immediately gets feedback on how and why that action influences the temperature in the city and its skyline. All the actions build to a Distopian or a Utopian world or something inbetween.

Due to cost reasons no longer exists,

but the game can still be accessed through:

I chose to use an isometric style because it is associated with games. I had no previous experience in designing in an isometric style.

On the left you can see the empty city and next to it one of the thermometers. Every time a good or bad choice was made this not only influenced to look of the city, but also the temperature in the city.

The choices people could make were supported with illustrations I made. Two examples below: a bike and a garden.

The immediate feedback on the choices was shown in pop up boxes, each of which had a pattern matching the effect on the city. For example: The addition of A/C units or the addition of parks.

All the choices made in the game added up to a final city. To ensure each choice and thus each effect showed up correctly on the final city I used a decision tree based setup.


This means in total I made 15 different versions of the city, 24 different pop up boxes, 12 different thermometers and 8 different illustrations to support the choices. 

The Distopian and Utopian city are shown below.