Here you can find the designs developed for Miek Eats. Shown on this page are a logo (and favicon),business cards , icons, and a social media template for Instagram. The web design can be seen on

For the logo I wanted something which was close to me as a person. Sometimes people tell me my eyes have the shape of rainbows when I smile. so I tried incorporating that into my logo, but it felt very childish. 

I then played with shapes and adding leaves (since I also love plants). While sketching I remembered something from when I was young: My mom peeling oranges in the evening and my siblings and I asking for parts, which resulted in her having to peel more and more oranges.

The final logo represents an orange, which means I indirectly carry my family with me in my logo.

The business cards are in a regular business card shape. I tried using a custom shape, so the card is in an orange shape, but quickly all the text felt too much. This card is much calmer and more minimal and the back also shows my favicon, which will help a customer to link my name to my logo.

(phone number blurred due to privacy reasons)

Besides a business card a cheat sheet was created with quick information about the typography and colours used.

For my website and Instagram I wanted some icons. I want to use these to guide my readers on the website and clarify on for example Instagram stories where the corresponding article can be found on my website. 

The four designs represent:

- A pan: The Recipes

- A flask: The Science

-A Chefs Knife: The Basics

- Leftovers in containers: The Rest

The demands for the templates for Instagram was that the photos are not cropped and that there is a small logo visible. I designed a Spark Post, so for each post only the photo has to be replaced. This ensures ease in the use. Since the logo is very small, the favicon was used instead of the whole logo. I also chose to use white side bars, as any of the other brand colours would distract from the image too much.