This assignment was designed by the teachers of the Food Innovation & Design course. Lowlands was only used as a guideline with regard to volumes and audience.

The assignment was to develop a food truck concept for Lowlands. The corresponding food product had to contain at least 40% of waste stream products.

The first step is to do research. Here you can see a visual representation of my results.

In the second phase, ideation, up to 20 concepts were designed. Through a strict selection process "Kiplekker" was concluded to be the most viable. Below you can see the first sketch of Kiplekker.

Then the test phase was started. The recipe was tested and improved multiple times. And the concept was rounded by adding other elements. Everything was visualised by me, which can be found below.

Final Concept

Kiplekker is all about space, for you and our chickens. Most of the time when visiting a festival you are standing close together, not only for the shows but also in lines for food. Sometimes it is nice to have some space and chickens agree.

We use 3* Beter Leven Chicken. This means, amongst other benefits, that the chickens have more space. They also have more natural light, they can go outside and grow at a natural speed.


At Kiplekker you can enjoy your sweet potato waffle, crispy chicken and cucumber kimchi without any worries. Besides all the good things for the chickens we also make sure >40% of our waffles contain saved sweet potatoes and the kimchi contains up to 90% saved cucumbers, which reduces food waste.

We told you how we take care of space for our chickens. but we also take care of yours. Don't feel like waiting in line? Good news! We are the first foodtruck with the "Don't stand in line, order online" principle. You can easily order & pay for you food by finding us in the Lowlands app or by scanning the QR- code on our truck. No more losing your food coins and you immediately know how long it takes before your food is ready.


Come grab it when the truck shows your number and enjoy it in our comfy open chicken coop area.

"Daar voel je je toch Kiplekker bij"

One of the deliverables was a folder with more information on the concept. I chose to design a zine, which, besides information, would also provide visual support to why I used 3* (BeterLeven) chicken.